Theta DNA Healing

Illness can be held in place by old unresolved emotions, thought patterns and belief systems within our unconscious mind. For most of our lives these out worn patterns have governed us. These can be stored memories and beliefs in our subconscious that prevent us moving forward and find joy, happiness and wholeness in life. Clear scientific study has shown how the mind, body and spirit are interconnected. Theta DNA Healing works by changing the cellular structure of the body so that it holds new thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Theta DNA healing was developed by a lady called Vianna Stibal who cured herself of a very serious illness. Using this technique deeply held blocks and emotional issues can be removed and transformed.


Have You Ever Wondered?

  •   Why you can’t hold down a relationship
  • Why you never have any money in the bank
  • Why you don’t have confidence in yourself
  • Why you can’t hold down a job
  • Why you don’t feel happy or at peace

Then why not try Theta DNA Healing it could change your life around.

For further information please see Vianna Stibel Theta Healing Website



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