Having suffered with severe Migraines for many months a friend recommended having some Bowen treatment, which had worked for her Migraines.  I thought I would give it a try as I had nothing to loose.  I was very surprised, as I didn’t think the treatment would work as well as it has.  I initially had 3 treatments over a 3-week period and now I have a treatment every six weeks.  Since starting with Bowen approximately 3 years ago I have been Migraine free.

Diane Hall


I had suffered from Migraine for all my adulthood and had tried many things to alleviate them, both from the mainstream and alternative medical camps.  I can honestly say that the Bowen treatment from Lesley has changed my life, and I now feel confident in planning events without the fear of a headache spoiling the enjoyment. I have introduced fellow sufferers and they too have found relief.

Kath Harvey

‘I suffered with tension headaches and migraines for over 25 years and was taking painkillers almost every day.  A work colleague recommended the Bowen Technique and I tried it as a last resort as I was convinced that nothing would be able to help me.  However, I felt an improvement after the first treatment and now hardly ever need to take painkillers at all.  I see Lesley every couple of months and would highly recommend her and the Bowen Technique to anyone suffering with headaches and migraines’.

 Elaine Corlyon


Following a car accident in 2001 I developed a condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, which was centred in my right leg.  This resulted in my being in a wheelchair for most outdoor activities, or on crutches whenever I needed to go out of the house.  The pain was excruciating and I was on a large number of drugs, along with regular visits to the hospital for treatment.
While on holiday, I met someone who practised Bowen Therapy and they suggested I look into it once home as they felt that it would be of benefit.  Shortly after arriving home I came across a leaflet for Lesley's practise so I gave her a call.  She chatted to me for a little while to get an understanding about what my condition was and, although she wasn't too familiar with RSD, she said she would speak to The European College of Bowen Therapy to find out more specific treatment.

After my first consultation and treatment with Lesley I was able to stop using my crutches for generally getting around.  It was such a huge relief and I felt as if a major burden had been taken away.  She had not only helped my condition sufficiently but had also given me the confidence to take the first steps without crutches.  That was the biggest step I had been able to make in two years of suffering!

Lesley is one of the kindest people I have had the pleasure to meet.  She is so caring and always ready to adapt the treatment to your needs.  I am still receiving treatment, due to my condition being a permanent one, and, although I do still need some drugs and hospital treatment, it is Lesley's work with me that has kept me going!

Debra Beaumont

I'm Chloe I am 20years old and have been attending Bowen sessions with Lesley from being 18. I have been a sufferer of migranes since I was 8 years old. When I had a migraine I had vision loss, nausea and one side of my body goes numb and this can last for hours. I used to suffer with migraines weekly and found it very restricting, having many days off work due to my vision being effected during a migraine, missing occassions which I had looked forward too etc I owe many thanks to Lesley for the treatment, I can go a whole month with no migraines and it has only been odd months when I have had a migraine. I feel more confident when going away on holiday or for a weekend that I will be fine, I go to work knowing I will not have to leave due to a migraine, and day to day I dont live in fear of having a migraine anymore. I am only sorry I didn't know about the treatment sooner, I would recommend it to anybody as I can not imagine suffering the way I did again!





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