Crystal Therapy and Energy Balancing

Disease, is a state of being ill at ease with ourselves. Our thoughts can effect us physically. Harmful emotions ie: anger, jealousy, guilt, resentment etc can effect the smooth running of our physical body. Having balance between our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies can help us to feel at peace with ourselves, so that we feel healthy and happy with our lives.
Other Therapies #02Crystal therapy treats the whole person, not just the symptoms. It can be used in conjunction with orthodox medicine to speed recovery. However, it is not meant to replace orthodox medicine.

How crystals can help with our healing

Crystals unlike ourself vibrate at a constant frequency. Our subtle energy field contains seven major chakras, which are spinning wheels of energy. These chakras form a team, each one corresponding to a gland, organ and bodily function. If one member of the team is out of balance, the corresponding part of the body that the chakra relates to, will also be out of balance. Therefore, when a crystal is placed on the imbalanced chakra or within the energy field, its vibration helps to bring our energy back into synchronicity. The crystal is in fact a catalyst to activate the bodys own healing process

What does a treatment involve?

First of all Lesley will listen to what you have to tell her about your problem. She will then use either a crystal or her hands to detect where there is an energy imbalance. The appropriate crystals will then either be placed on the physical body or in the energy field where the imbalance had been found.
The client is fully clothed and can either be sitting in a chair or lying on a therapy couch. Each treatment is tailored to the individuals needs and lasts approximately 1-1 1/2 hours.
Sometimes crystal and energy balancing are successful in one treatment. However, far more often it will be a gradual process. Therefore a few weekly sessions to begin with will give more lasting results.
If you would like to know more about crystal therapy, please contact Lesley when she will be pleased to help you.


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